Pick up day

  1. `Pups are at my new house --  78 Warner Hill Road Derry NH 03038 --
  2. Coming to the farm/ Pick up day----**Please please please do not visit directly after viewing another Kennel, pet store, humane society or anywhere they sell puppies or kittens or stores.  I do not allow dogs to visit within 72 hours before you come to our house. --Due to the potential of disease transmission, deadly viruses can travel on your clothes & the bottom of your shoes. Kennel cough is airborn it can even travel in your hair..........You MUST shower between visits change clothes and shoes and wash your hair. Sorry I just don't need sick pups. *And Please do not come at all if : you have been around sick dogs or cats, that have flees, ticks, mites, kennel cough, parvo, or anything that can be passed along to my moms or pups. I don't even care if it is your visiting day. It can throw off pups to home home at least 2-4  months or more . but beyond that i don't want to have to treat my little pups and moms with several months of chemicals because someone wants to see there pup. Please be honest and talk to me up front, Before you come. I truly thank you for caring as much as I do. Thanks again...   
  3. If you see "will send" after the names, giving them time to send payment and contracts.  If i dont have the payment and contacts by ------, the pups are considered available again.


 * To see pictures of the pups go to:  https://www.facebook.com/brenda.labrador.714   

*Little River bred to Miles (pictured on boys page) pups born Dec 14 ,2018 ......

**Vet appt is:   --.pups  go home after vet appt about  Feb 1 2019    

         please print out this page for your records: it's a how to care for your pup       http://integrityfarms.com/node/115     


 *Little Rivers  Black Girl's

1)  brenda



   1/2 payment due when Pups are 2 weeks old personal checks are fine.*(1/2 payment is however you want to break it up just to show commitment ). Send to: Brenda Mazzaglia 78 Warner Hill Road Derry NH 03038. Final Payment on Pick up day . Must be cash.  Need a refresher of this info, see our contract Payment and pick- up..pups are at my new house 78 Warner Hill Road Derry NH 03038** Please when mailing payment please write moms name in the memo...Thank You

 please print out this page for your records: it's a how to care for your pup  http://integrityfarms.com/node/115 


Nala and Whiskey ---Born Jan      2019-- 




*)Now that I am dealing with so many people when you call or reach out to me in anyway. can you say or put down (what litter you are getting from) (that means the mom's  name) because each mom has her own folder with all the new owners, and that way I know what folder to go to. So I can answer your questions better.   Also when you send your payments can you put the mom & dad name (or at least the moms name) on a paper so I can credit everyone properly.

The holidays are coming lots of pups and people and a small time frame. Please just work with me I try to keep everyone happy I won't have room to change visiting days and pick up days once the final days are set, So please try to do what ever you have to do to make it .

Visiting Day:
 If I have more than two litters at my house at one time I will not have a visiting day it's just to busy. But I will post photos or videos of the litters. You can read or print out the info i would have given you on this day: by clicking on these links*if you would like to read or print out this next page it is what I call care and Maintenance **   Click to read my care and Maintenance page  **---*How to get and fill out AKC papers on pick up day; if you want them most people do not even spend the extra money anymore.Click to read AKC PAPERS-
anything you don't understand just call me.Phone is best at this point. I just get to many e-mails 

If we are having a visiting day, than Visiting times can not be changed. So please plan on that date and time unless weather is an issue and please do not worry if you can not make it. It is only  one hour because the pups are still like new born babies get really tired and dont always stay awake the entire time but they especially get tired because people are playing with them and touching them.

Visiting day-- you do not have to visit if you can not make it do not feel bad not everyone lives close enough to visit-- and YOU Do NOT get moved in the in pick up order if you can not visit so please do not stress about it.

So you know.You do not have to come visit your pup if time or scheduling does not allow. But this is you're only chance to see your pup before pick up day. Visiting Day is an open house for people who have deposits on that litter. (At this point we both have a signed Contract and Payment & pick up schedule. (The visiting day will be scheduled when the pups are born.) you do not have to confirm you are coming or give me an exact time. just show up in the time frame I give you. (On visiting day we will schedule pick up times to take your pup home) 

       a frequent question is: ( why is visiting day only that day, can't I just come the next one for another litter; you are having a visiting day anyway.)
          When I have multiple litters and some of the pups are younger ; I use to have a problem because I couldn't have so many people around the young pups and had to cancel visiting day and people wouldn't see the pup till pick up day.  Then we came up with the idea of bringing that litter up in the kitchen so all the pups wouldn't be exposed to so many people. It has worked great and we are back to giving people a chance to see there pups before pick up day, So only your litter is upstairs that is why you can only come on the day & time of your litters viewing because they will be the only litter upstairs.
     It is just that; a visiting day.  A day to see the pups, hold the pups interact with them, take pictures if you wish. We go out to the kennel see all the big dogs if you have not already seen them and you want to.. Ask any questions (You do not pick out a pup.) I do Understand not everyone can make to visiting days some  people live to far, some just cant make it . That  is OK, it happens I can e-mail you most of these papers so you can read them.
    On this day or pick up day,  I give you a huge folder of reading material such as; this material is printable from this page

    *How to fill out AKC papers (that you will need to do on pick up day.) 
    *Care & Maintence (about 10 or more pages on feeding & care) I can e-mail this to you sooner just send me an e-mail and ask for it.) But it is in the folder. 
   *Puppy visit to the vet info page (on pick up day you will get the actual Vet Health certificate for you to show your vet.) 
    *Prevent destructive chewing with even more info on the other side 
    *Important pointers to new puppy owners. 
     *Crate training. 
     *House Breaking and more..... 
In your folder you will also receive ( if pro plan keeps on giving them to me) a book from proplan and a filing system for all your paperwork.  On visiting day I also answer any questions as a group so if you forget to ask something someone else may ask and everyone benefits from any questions. 
Also on this day I like to schedule your Pick Up & pick out day. (if you don't come I would love to be able to call you to set up your pick up time. while I have the others at the house to figure out what works best for everyone.

Note: It is not to your benefit of anyone to pick out early; the dogs are preg for only 63 days that’s it. So every day is a huge developmental change for them. So you visit the entire litter on visiting day, just seeing them & take pictures if you wish. Then on pick up day you will see what you are actually getting because they change so much, it is not to your benefit to pick out a pup too early. I don’t know why people feel differently.

***   Pick up and Pick out Day:

*** OK, now on Pick Up Day people come at a scheduled time as I have received there deposits 1 appt for example is at 10 am. They come do Paper work, ask any questions, pick out a pup take it home. Next person on the waiting list comes say at least one hour later they play do paperwork pick out a pup take it home and so on.. This is all talked about on the payment schedule everyone signs when they leave a deposit and sign the contract.
                    On this day you will get the actual Vet Health certificate for you to show your vet, Fill out the actual AKC papers if you want them.
                  And also if you have a balance left on your pup (by pick up day) it must be paid in full with cash before the pup leaves my home. (NOT A CHECK OF ANY TYPE) or you will be put at the bottom of the list so I can continue with my appointments .

Another question I get often is Pictures of pups:
As far as pictures, If I have time I will take pictures.I am trying something new.  to see pictures of the pups go to:  https://www.facebook.com/brenda.labrador.714       click photos, then Albums.  if I have videos  check the video button and click that.   This is a public page you do not have to have face book to see this page.

Honestly, I don't have time to send everyone pictures all the time. But please on visiting day and pick up day feel free to come with a camera and take all the pictures you want with your family and the pups..

Is the food you recommend still Purina Pro Plan Puppy, chicken & rice or lamb & rice?? (Focus Formula, Not Shredded)(Shredded will not swell in water).
It is Puppy chicken & rice "Focus Formula" NOt Shredded ( Shredded will not swell when water is added), (lamb is great for digestion), but it good to keep a food like lamb incase you dog has an issue with foods like allergies if you start out with lamb you have no where else to go but veterinary special diet foods that can be very expensive.      *So pups leave my house and should continue to get Pro plan Puppy chicken & rice Puppy focus formula. for life but when they are 6-8 mos.  You will go to Pro Plan adult chicken & rice all the feeding info will be in your folder. If you want to change to a food of your choice, you should buy one large 40 bag bage of what i recomend,then change. 

Do you recommend the plastic hard sided crate or the open wire cratefrom Midwest? I like the Midwest Life stages crate (the have a recomended size for labs on the box, that crate also come with a divider panel to use as your pups grows) . And they are reasonably priced. But you can get any brand that is reasonably priced ( you do not need to spend a ton of money on a crate. Try target & Wal-Mart stores like that for prices before you go to a pet store. On the box it will tell you the correct size for each breed.

You do Not need a collar when you pick up your pup. When you get your pup home take a piece of yarn measure the pups neck, take it to any store and get an adjustable collar your pup will grow very fast. Do Not take a pup of this young age or even before it has it’s complete set of shots (16 weeks) to a pet store.

I am sorry if this is repetitive, I feel like I give you an overload of information, But it is questions people ask over & over again.

****Remember do not e-mail, Please call or text me.    If you need to e-mail me call me to tell me to look for your e-mail .. I have over a thousand in my in box just cant keep up.  filling out the form on the litters due page is the way to get info...  Thanks Brenda


































































 *****This litter is tentatively all spoken for now. As you can see it says "will send" after the names, giving them time to send payment and contracts.  If i dont have the payment and contacts by ------, the pups are considered available again.